The Parker Family

Owen Parker is a young adult conservationist. He is tall, sporty, with broad shoulders. His au lait skin, long curly fair hair and brown eyes give him an outstanding appearance in his native South Africa. Owen likes to describe himself as a freeborn child of the rainbow nation. When he is not busy working on the family farm or studying in Cape Town, he runs his wildlife conservation foundation, the Horace Wildlife Conservation Fund. More often than not, Owen is ready for a rush of adrenalin, especially when it comes to fighting for a cause like saving animals or raising funds for wildlife.

Willem Parker, Owen’s father, is owner of Tshuguly, a game reserve in the Limpopo province of South Africa. Willem is a progressive white South African, who has dedicated his entire life to wildlife conservation. At the same time, very much like many Afrikaners who have grown up in the bush, he is strong-headed and would defend to his utmost his family, belongings and above all any wildlife in danger. Willem will leave no stone unturned when dark forces threaten his core values.

Esihle Parker, Owen’s mother (and therefore Willem’s wife!), is an elegant black lady from the Venda tribe. She is the youngest daughter of one of the original men on the farm, a chief of his village; she studied marketing with a major in tourism and worked in London at a travel agency. With her generous smile, wonderful interpersonal and outstanding organisation skills, Esihle manages the game lodge. She will never fully understand either Owen’s thirst for adventure or her husband’s stubbornness. 

Neutron, the last member of the family, is the gregarious, happy-faced dog, an 83-kilogram beige boerbull, standing three-quarters of a metre tall at the shoulders. Always ready to snap up his share of food and to chase any malicious animals or human beings.

Tshuguly now spans over 1300 square kilometres and has become one of the largest private game reserves in South Africa. Undoubtedly, it offers the finest of game viewing thanks to its splendid topography and an incredible variety of rare animals such as Black Impala, Golden Wildebeest and Sable Antelope, which have contributed to its recent success. The centre of the reserve is dominated by a rocky outcrop, which gives an unbelievable view of the property and opportunities for witnessing stunning sunrises and unforgettable sunsets. Every photographer’s dream.

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