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Myths, greed and corruption are behind the illegal trade of rhino horns.

In Africa, more than 2 rhinos are killed every single day.

We need to stop the slaughter of this magnificent animal!

Horace the muscly bull at Tshuguly is threatened by poachers in the middle of the night… will Owen be able to save him and beyond this the entire specie?

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Owen Parker’s Journal

… a morning delight. First ray of light transforms the world of darkness. The night animated by nocturnal shadows slowly dissipates and opens a window onto the world of colours and brightness. A light vaporised dew, like tears remembering night-time tragedies, adds to the drama of the moment and a motionless floating mist gives an unreal appearance to the scene: trees seem to be hovering, petrified above the ground. Nature awakes and rapidly soars into boiling activities and familiar sounds … peaceful, irreplaceable, with the need to preserve it …

Owen Parker’s Journal

… another special day at Tshuguly. In a light whirling wind, the tall grass seemed to be dancing a gentle ballet. Mesmerised, my mind starts drifting and even enters a wandering meditative feeling, a sensation of floating between parallel worlds. Two rhinos appear — out of place in this magnificent canvas. A mother so protective of her calf patiently teaches her the essentials of survival in the wild. Her tenderness is simply soulful. I can’t wait to see this young clumsy calf blooming into a fully grown sturdy adult … could have stayed there for hours … great feeling, life prevails, it is worth the effort! …

Owen Parker’s Journal

… show time, ‘the golden hour’. An acacia carves a shadow on the bright orange disc reaching the horizon. To the left, a journey of giraffes moves towards the water point at idling speed. Adding to the enchanting tapestry, a herd of elephant looms out of the dense bush converging on the other source of life: water. The clouds cast an orange haze above the horizon lighting up the sky; the instant is magical. For a moment the sun seems to whisper ‘farewell’ to the world as it sinks lower and lower almost as if it never wanted to leave, as a reminder that it is the source of life. In the blink of an eye, bright and sparkling, the skyline catches fire. Moments later, in a splash of hot pinks, reds and even hints of purples and blues, the sky turns into a symphony of random colours. Dusk unfolds as a cold breeze caresses my skin. Comforting, calming, I will sleep well …

Owen Parker’s Journal

… sweet taste of victory. Some days life treats you miserably, stifling, death prowling behind a grey curtain, a free fall down an endless hole … And then, there is an unexpected instant … it is like a deliverance, total liberation, an explosion of colours in an empty sky, a splash of happiness when desolation prevailed just an instant earlier. There, before your eyes, the unimaginable stands strong. It is time to celebrate, time for absolute triumph. Waouw!

Owen Parker’s Journal

… infectious drive. Success delivers success. It acts like a dark, magic drug and soon nothing else is relevant. It is in no way just the result of your own creation; a positive mindset and sharp focus will have undoubtedly contributed to realisation. Use success, but don’t allow it to take control of you, or else blinded by foolishness, punishment will inevitably follow en masse. When and only when in the zone, play your cards smartly and the game will unfold under your eyes like a movie script. Victory may be the end result but should not be the aim at any cost. But when a win is announced, let a modest internal triumph resonate out loud. The feeling is so good, like surfing an infinite wave …

Owen Parker’s Journal

… courage. This ability and willingness to confront danger, fear, intimidation and even torturous pain. It takes a great deal of bravery to stand up to enemies, to be the hero of your life. Mastering the resistance to fear is the ultimate weapon. Failure is not the end. It is the determination to continue the fight that counts … Keeping high the flag of hope. I will return to Africa, my home …