Rhino Connection: Great Review on Amazon !

Elise read Rhino Connection and posted a review on Amazon:

A very enjoyable read! An exciting fictional adventure with many facts regarding the plight of our beautiful Rhinos, which hopefully arouses awareness in readers the need to help end rhino poaching before it is too late. Rhinos are slated for extinction in less than 7 years if poaching continues.

Don’t wait be the next one to buy and enjoy it   !!!!!




Tribute to The Rhino

Rhino Tribute

Tribute to all rhinos savagely killed all around the world.

Hope for a long and bright future.

Join the forces and fight for them !!!!


Too many!

The statistics aren’t good. The number of rhinos killed for their horn is still

on the rise in South Africa.

May 14, 2014                    May 15, 2013                         May 21, 2012

376                                        313                                            220


We need to stop this senseless slaughter.

Buy Owen Parker: Rhino Connection and contribute to saving the rhino.


Looking for your next book?

Myths, greed and corruption are behind the illegal trade of rhino horns.

In Africa, more than 2 rhinos are killed every single day.

We need to stop the slaughter of this magnificent animal!

Horace the muscly bull at Tshuguly is threatened by poachers in the middle of the night… will Owen be able to save him and beyond this the entire specie?

More in Owen Parker: Rhino Connection


Owen Parker’s Journal

… a morning delight. First ray of light transforms the world of darkness. The night animated by nocturnal shadows slowly dissipates and opens a window onto the world of colours and brightness. A light vaporised dew, like tears remembering night-time tragedies, adds to the drama of the moment and a motionless floating mist gives an unreal appearance to the scene: trees seem to be hovering, petrified above the ground. Nature awakes and rapidly soars into boiling activities and familiar sounds … peaceful, irreplaceable, with the need to preserve it …

Owen Parker’s Journal

… another special day at Tshuguly. In a light whirling wind, the tall grass seemed to be dancing a gentle ballet. Mesmerised, my mind starts drifting and even enters a wandering meditative feeling, a sensation of floating between parallel worlds. Two rhinos appear — out of place in this magnificent canvas. A mother so protective of her calf patiently teaches her the essentials of survival in the wild. Her tenderness is simply soulful. I can’t wait to see this young clumsy calf blooming into a fully grown sturdy adult … could have stayed there for hours … great feeling, life prevails, it is worth the effort! …